Friday, December 20, 2013

ACA Transactions Not Completing

The next obvious shoe to drop in the series of bombshells the Affordable Care Act is leaving on the American health insurance market is round two of the you-really-can't-keep-your-insurance reality: small group policies.

Press coverage of this issue should be abundant in 2014 as the line between "do you or don't you have coverage" is both clear and potentially widespread, and maybe much wider than the individual market.

Less obvious are the data integrity problems on the back-end that could render supposedly active policies useless.  That is, even if you are told you have "coverage," acting on that could be problematic.

Monday, December 16, 2013

ACA's ban on health insurance

For those 30 and older (counting from "the beginning of the plan year"), catastrophic health insurance is not an option under the Affordable Care Act. For those under 30, catastrophic plans are still allowed.

From the text of Public Law 111-148 (emphasis added):


(e) Catastrophic Plan-