Monday, June 22, 2020

June 16-21, 2020

@AP: BREAKING: Researchers in England say a steroid called dexamethasone reduced COVID-19 deaths by up to one third in severely ill hospitalized patients. It's the first evidence that a drug can improve survival.[…]

@HHSGov: HHS will further expand access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (#PrEP) HIV prevention medications by adding donated dispensing services from Albertsons Companies and Walmart to the the Ready, Set, PrEP program beginning no later than 7/30/2020.[…]

@Reuters: Beijing city raises COVID-19 emergency response level to II from III[…]

@DeptofDefense: @HHSGov & the DOD hosted a background briefing w/ senior administration officials on #OperationWarpSpeed, as part of the effort to accelerate the development, manufacturing, & distribution of #COVID19 vaccines, therapeutics, & diagnostics.[…]

@CDCDirector: Great to have @SecAzar visit CDC this week to discuss our whole-of-government approach to #COVID19. @CDCgov has been and will continue to work with @HHSgov and other USG agencies to slow the spread of the virus.[…]

@CDCDirector: During @SecAzar’s visit to CDC, we spoke about how increased surveillance, testing, containment, and healthcare capacity will continue to slow the spread of #COVID19 until a vaccine is available.[…]

@damon_pang: #Beijing is suspending primary & secondary schools tomorrow, after more than 100 #coronavirus cases were reported in the past 5 days at the capital #COVID #COVID?19 — […]

@SEACoronavirus: New Zealand has three active cases of #COVID19, days after it declared itself among the first countries in the world to be free of the virus[…]

@STcom: US questions new China coronavirus figures, seeks observers[…]

@HHSGov: During the pandemic, everyone should take steps to guard against #COVID19 fraud. Know how to recognize and report COVID-19 fraud with these important tips from @OIGatHHS. Find other ways to stay safe at[…]

@EricTopol: The first in-depth, dedicated, immunologic profile of people who had #COVID19 but never developed symptoms—the asymptomatics (N=37) @NatureMedicine —less immunologic & inflammatory response —prolonged viral shedding —most (59%) w/ abnormal lung CT scans[…]

@scottwongDC: Florida reports nearly 4,000 new cases of COVID-19, setting new one-day record 43 new coronavirus-related deaths reported on Friday[…]

@USHouseNews: #HouseHearing: Repurposing Therapeutic Drugs for #COVID19: Research Challenges and Opportunities[…]

@STcom: World in 'new and dangerous phase' of pandemic: WHO[…]

@AP: Despite clear progress in containing the coronavirus in some regions — especially those that saw early outbreaks — globally, the number of new cases has soared in recent days. Hospitals are scrambling to cope in Brazil, Iraq, India and the United States.[…]

@DrDenaGrayson: Analysis of sewage in #Italy found genetic material of #coronavirus on 12/18—long before #Italy confirmed its 1st case in February and before #China on 12/31. A similar analysis in Barcelona found the virus 40 days before its 1st case was discovered.[…]

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