Monday, July 13, 2020

July 8-13, 2020

@Reuters: Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-linked brain damage[…]

@Reuters: 24-hour coronavirus update:
Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive
Australia's second-largest city heads back into lockdown
Miami rolls back restaurant dining[…]

@AP: Virus update:
• Virus cases rising in Texas since restrictions were loosened.
• Scientific shortcuts slow drugs against the virus.
• Trump pushes states to reopen schools in fall
• Australia isolates the state of Victoria.[…]

@AAPSonline: “If HCQ saves half the patients who would have died in hospital, then withholding HCQ is causing tens of thousands of preventable deaths.” via @aapsonline — […]

@postpolitics: The Health 202: The White House is prepping an executive order to shift drug production to U.S.[…]

@Reuters: 24-hour coronavirus update:
U.S. cases pass 3 million
Demonstrators storm Serbian parliament in protest over lockdown
Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-linked brain damage[…]

@RepAndyBiggsAZ: Maybe, instead of creating more hysteria in Arizona, the NYT should ask more questions about why New York's and New Jersey's COVID-19 death rate are still the highest in the nation. NJ: 170.9 deaths/100k pop. NY: 164.9 deaths/100k pop. Arizona: 25.5 deaths/100k pop. — […]

@USATODAY: A look at Thursday's paper:
– CDC … guidance on reopening schools.
– Insurers look to scale back on telehealth coverage[…]

@CrainsChicago: Walgreens said that a broad decline in visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals weighed on prescription volumes.[…]

@Reuters: The @WHO released new guidelines on the transmission of the novel coronavirus that acknowledge some reports of airborne transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19, but stopped short of confirming that the virus spreads through the air[…]

@AP: Virus Update:
• India’s is reporting another record one-day spike in coronavirus cases, 26,506.
• WHO is acknowledging the possibility COVID-19 might be spread in the air.
• Texas hits new record for virus deaths as hospitals scramble.[…]

@AP: Two World Health Organization experts will spend the next two days in the Chinese capital to lay the groundwork for a larger mission to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.[…]

@Reuters: 24-hour coronavirus update:
U.S. cases rise by record 60,565 in single day, deaths increasing
Australia restricts number of citizens returning home
WHO calls for more evidence on airborne transmission[…]

@JesseDamiani: Kanye West not-so-subtly implies Covid-19 happened because we made God mad.[…]

@joshrogin: New whistleblower: Dr. Li-Meng Yan of the Hong Kong School of Public Heath fled China and is now speaking out: "I'm the one who came to tell the truth here of COVID-19..." @foxnews — […]

@bopinion: Virtually everything you can say about Texas, Florida and Arizona can also be said about California, starting with the shape of its Covid curve, which climbs gradually until mid-June and then explodes[…]

@AFP: A British pilot who spent more than two months on life support in Vietnam after contracting COVID-19 was on his way home Saturday, astounding doctors who gave him just ten percent chance of survival[…]

@axios: Over 1,000 TSA agents have tested positive for the coronavirus[…]

@statnews: A new STAT analysis shows about 38% of the studies registered to study Covid-19 treatments have not actually begun enrolling patients.[…]

@timesofindia: Chinese city sounds alert for bubonic plague
Bubonic plague is a bacterial disease that is spread by fleas living on wild rodents such as marmots. It can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if not treated in time, according to the WHO.[…]

@MailOnline: China reports a case of dengue fever on the same day it detects bubonic plague[…]

@Reuters: 24-hour coronavirus update:
Florida sets one-day record with over 15,000 new cases
Mexico surpasses Italy to post world's fourth-highest death toll
WHO reports record daily increase in global cases[…]

@Evan_Focus: BOLIVIA: A medical doctor in La Paz asks to “pray that the infections do not grow exponentially”.[…]

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